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“You’re Nothing But An Ex-Slave”: Racist Woman Lashes Out At Black Neighbor

A racist woman was caught on camera verbally attacking her black neighbor in a video that has nearly 70,000 views.

The shocking footage begins with the unidentified man walking past the white woman’s house and talking about an incident involving his trash cans.

See Video Below.

‘I saw what you did that to my trash cans,’ he says to the woman who’s standing on her doorstep.

‘Get out of here,’ the clearly agitated woman responds. ‘F*** you!’

‘You’re nothing but an ex-slave!’ she adds.

The woman then continues the racist tirade as the man stays calm: ‘You’re a slave! You’re a w***e!

‘Have a good day, thanks for ruining my trash cans,’ the man tells the woman, unfazed by her insults.

‘You’re the trash,’ says the woman who appears to also be filming the encounter.

The location of the exchange as well as the identity of the subjects remain unclear.

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