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You Attract What You Are

You Attract What You Are

If you want to attract healthy people into your world, start by getting rid of the negative thoughts, gossiping friends and dream-killing associates who are in your life now!

It might also be a good idea to stop having sex with married or emotionally unavailable men and women. And by the way, inappropriate phone calls, flirting and texting is cheating, too. Why would the universe deliver a good person into your life when your choices are so toxic? The law of attraction is real!

But if you’re serious about attracting a significant partner, the best advice I can give you is to stop expecting to attract what you are not!

People kill me with their laundry list of what their ideal mate should be. They expect him or her to be intelligent, attractive, physically fit, financially stable, compassionate, honest, affectionate, patient, open-minded, drama-free and have a great personality. But what they neglect to ask themselves is, “Am I bringing the same qualities to the table that I’m asking for?”

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