Should Women Marry Rich? Mother Encourages Daughters To Marry Wealthy

Nabbing a wealthy husband might seem like an outdated dream.

But one Mumsnet user asked whether women should still be encouraged to ‘marry well’ and find a man who earns enough to support the family financially.

The question divided opinion. Some said ‘marrying well’ should not mean finding a rich man but rather a partner who is ‘kind and clever with a strong work ethic’ while others warned it was ‘idealistic’ to think all women can be financially independent.

Taking to the online forum, Mumsnet user windygallows, who is in her 40s, said she could see the way some of her friends benefited from having a wealthy husband. It allowed them to be stay-at-home mothers without the financial worries.

She explained that as a single mother she had experienced first-hand the ‘slog’ of raising a child on one salary, adding: ‘Marrying well doesn’t mean a good marriage or relationship but it does make things easier.’

She also argued that speaking to daughters about ‘marrying well’ was a ‘realistic’ way to tackle the problem.

The post sparked dozens of responses. One user said looking for a wealthy partner would help deal with the ‘sad truth’ that even those who work hard can struggle financially.

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