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Woman Upset Because Husband Making 71k Wants Her To Return To Work Full Time After Maternity Leave

A mother has sparked a heated debate online after being left ‘upset’ when her husband asked her to go back to work full-time after maternity leave.

Mumsnet user shewhocannotbenamed asked the internet for advice after her partner, who earns £55,000, $71,000 a year in US dollars, suggested she should return to her job full-time when their son starts at nursery.

Despite her salary being higher than her husband’s, she said she was only willing to go back for two to three days a week, adding: ‘We have savings so it’s not like [we’re] really desperate for the extra income.’

But when the pair started looking at nurseries for their baby it became apparent that her husband was expecting them both to work full-time.

She wrote: ‘I can’t even exactly specify why this makes me sad, perhaps makes me feel less like a woman and more like his mate,’ adding that she felt her husband appeared to have an ‘inherent expectation that the wife needs to constantly perform both at home and at work’.
Many blasted her for not having discussed childcare arrangements at an earlier stage, while others called her ‘daft’ – so who do you think is in the right?

Do you think she was right or wrong in being upset with her husband, and should she return to work full time?

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