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Woman Passes Out Behind The Wheel With BABY In The Car – Watch Officer’s Quick Thinking

Dramatic moment police officer on patrol saves unconscious driver and her baby by forcing their out-of-control car into a barrier on London expressway

A woman who passed out at the wheel of her car with her baby in the back was saved when a hero police officer rammed the vehicle off the motorway.

Pc Danny Pattison, 35, was on patrol when he got a call from the control room to say a Peugeot 306 had been spotted driving erratically along the A42 and M1.

The officer rushed to the scene near junction 23 where he saw the car weaving across all three lanes of the motorway and even careering onto the hard shoulder.


After the rescue, it emerged the woman had fallen into a diabetic coma and had no recollection of the incident.

Pc Pattison has since been rewarded for his quick-thinking with a Chief Constable’s commendation.

The hero officer said he initially pulled up alongside the car with his siren and lights blazing as he thought the motorist might be drunk.

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