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Woman Mocks Man For Asking For Nude Photos In Hilarious Text Message Exchange

Guaranteed to drive him crazy! Woman answers man’s plea for nude pictures by texting him the words ‘Attachment: 1 image’ – tricking him into thinking her saucy photos aren’t loading


A young woman from New York found an amusing way to deal with a man’s pesky plea for nude photos.

Rather than simply ignore a guy who wanted her to text him naked pictures, Twitter user @saucynatt decided to play a little game with him.

Now other social media users are calling her ‘brilliant’ for keeping the young man on his toes — and sending him into a desperate panic.

The young woman shared a screengrab of her iPhone conversation with the man, with the captured bit starting just after his presumed requested for a nude photo.

Clever! Twitter user @saucynatt decided to play a game with a man who asked her to send new pictures

Clearly distraught that he missed his chance — or so he believed — the man begged her to try again, saying that something was wrong with his phone. He even asked her to try sending the pictures on Twitter.

Not so fast! She fooled him into thinking that she'd sent attachments that weren't loading

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