Woman Who Was Fat-Shamed By Her Husband Loses 80lbs After Leaving Him

A woman who piled on the pounds after being fat-shamed by her now ex-husband when he was drunk has had the last laugh after she left him and went on to lose more than six-and-a-half-stone.

Kennel supervisor Hayley Bienert, 27, from Irvine, California, described herself as always being a ‘little bit chubby’ after growing up without a father figure in her life and being in a toxic relationship with her ex-husband who constantly put her down.

This cycle drove Hayley to binge eat and saw her reach 224lbs and a size 14.

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Before her dramatic weight loss, Hayley would eat a foot-long subway, bag of crisps and four cookies for lunch, which would be washed down with a coke. Fast forward three years and Hayley has swapped junk and sugar for meals packed with lean turkey, chicken, fish and vegetables. She is now 140lbs  and a size 4.

She said: ‘Growing up with a father who would rather play video games than help his daughter build a birdhouse can cause issues later on in life.

‘It was an accumulation of the way I grew up and the toxic relationship I put myself in with my ex-husband. I have always been a little bit chubby, and when my ex and I got married we partied a lot and ate horribly.

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