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Woman Discovers Husband’s Affairs, Then Gets CONVICTED For Reading Emails Without Permission

Wife is convicted for reading her husband’s emails without his permission after she logged into his account and discovered he was having an affair

A woman has been convicted of accessing her husband’s email account and discovering he was having several affairs.

The Swiss woman became suspicious after her husband set up a second email account on their home computer, according to the Aargauer Zeitung.

The unnamed couple had always known each other’s passwords and had even written them down, according to the paper.

Her husband used one of these passwords for his new account, so the woman was able to access it and read his emails.

The woman became suspicious when her husband set up a second email account 

When she did, she discovered that he had been having affairs with several other women for some time.

She confronted her husband, who moved out of their apartment and later filed a criminal complaint against his wife for reading his emails.

In February this year prosecutors gave the woman a suspended fine of 9,900 Swiss Francs plus a 4,300 Swiss Franc fine for her unauthorized intrusion into her husband’s data.

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