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Woman Caught On Video Stopping Her Car In Traffic To Beat Up Her Passenger

Woman Stops Her Car In Traffic And Beats Her Passenger On The Side Of The Road While Onlookers Cheer Her On.

A woman was filmed stopping her car in traffic to beat her passenger senseless on the side of a busy road while onlookers cheered her on.

In a shocking video, a driver was captured punching and kicking a woman but instead of anyone stopping the vicious attack, passerby encouraged her and laughed.

See Video Below.

The assault, filmed in the United States, continues for around a minute as the woman repeatedly punches and kicks her victim who lies helpless on the road.

A driver who was behind the car, drove up behind the women and recorded the whole attack from the safety of his vehicle.

The angry woman beats her passenger brutally in the head, calling her a ‘b****’ and a ‘h**’, while kicking and punching her.

She stands over her victim’s body, who is stretched out on the busy street’s median, and the passenger attempts to cover her head from the blows.

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