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This Woman Is Accused Of Stealing $38K In GoFundMe Money For Co-Worker’s Daughter Who Lost Her Mother

Arlene Petty of Capitol Heights, Maryland faces felony charges of fraud after raiding a five-figure GoFundMe account, which was dedicated to a young girl who lost her mother to gun violence.

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A Maryland woman is facing a serious felony charge of a financial crime after a sad case unfolded where she allegedly stole from a relief fund designated to help a young girl who lost her mother to a senseless homicide.

30-year-old Arlene Petty was recently arrested by police in Washington D.C. and charged with one count of first-degree fraud. Petty is accused of stealing over $30,000 dollars, which came from a GoFundMe account she set up for the daughter of  Stephanie Goodloe (pictured), her fellow church worker who was killed in a D.C. homicide last June.

According to NBC News 4, a local media outlet based in The District, police claimed that Petty knowingly kept proceeds to herself for the GoFundMe account set up for Goodloe’s young daughter. This fraudulent and illegal activity reportedly committed by Petty occurred from June 30, 2016, to March 29, 2017, police also said.

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