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Wisconsin Teacher Placed On Paid Leave After Using The N-Word Multiple Times During Class

A Teacher Repeatedly Uses A Racial Slur During A Class Lecture

By: Eboni Walker

A teacher is placed on paid leave after a student recorded her using a racial slur during class.

According to the student who recorded the incident, the situation began when two students at Bradford High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin used the word towards each other in class.

The teacher then went on a rant saying there was nothing wrong with the word because people of the Black community use it towards one another. She then began to use the word repeatedly.

In the video that was taken by the student, the teacher can be heard saying, “I can say it.” She then beganĀ using the word multiple times back to back. While some students in the class laughed it off, others stared in shock at their teacher.

Photo: 123Rf

An unidentified student who was in the class at the time of the incident said she was in shock while sitting in the class.