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Will Smith Reveals He Has Spoken To Barack Obama About Playing Him In Biopic

He has made no secret of his desires to play the former President in a biopic.

And now two-time Oscar nominee Will Smith, 48, has revealed that he has already discussed the possibility with Barack Obama while he appeared on James Corden’s new Carpool Karaoke series on Apple Music.

The acclaimed actor took to the fun-filled show – a staple segment on The Late Late Show – with aplomb as he revived some of his classic hits including Summertime and Boom! Shake The Room.

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During the candid car ride, Will shared that he had talked to former US President Obama about playing him in a movie, and the political figure admitted that he would be perfect for the role because of one particular body part.

He said: ‘I talked to Barack about it. He told me he felt confident that I had the ears for the role.’

Weighing in on his admission, James hilariously added: ‘You could incorporate some of your catch phrases into (playing Barack Obama). To which Will jokingly shared: ‘”Oh hell no” when they come into the situation room.’

Opening Corden’s pet project on a new platform, Will sang his 1997 smash hit Gettin’ Jiggy With It, before halting James’ car and being surrounded by a passing marching band.

Reminiscing about the first time they bumped into one another at an awards show, the Suicide Squad star revealed he had to Google James following their meeting.

He began: ‘It was the first time we met. We talked and it was, ‘Ah man you know it’s great, I love what you do’… we did all of that.

‘I didn’t really know you that day. I had to look you up after.’

Unable to contain his laughter, James admitted he had texted a friend after he was taken aback about how warm Will was to him.

‘I remember it so clearly,’ he giggled wiping the tears from his face. ‘I think I even texted a friend of mine and I was like “Dude, Will Smith is so into me, it’s incredible”.

The season premiere on Apple Music comes as  fans have eagerly been anticipating the arrival of the Carpool Karaoke standalone show.

Earlier this month, the trailer for the TV host’s new venture features a host of A-list stars buckling up in the passenger seats as they embark on a road trip around LA.

Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few of the big names taking part in the Late Late Show host’s pet project.

Pop princess Miley, 24, can be seen dancing and singing along to the radio with her sister Noah, and mum Tish in the back seat.

Ariana can be seen sporting reindeer antlers, a colored filter making her face green as she jokes around with co-star Seth MacFarlane.

Set to the tune of Willie Nelson’s On The Road Again, the trailer is action packed as the celebrities make pit stops along their journeys.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the show ever since it was revealed the show that has seen everyone from Adele for Michelle Obama take the passenger seat will be made into a standalone series.

Apple signed a deal with CBS Television Studios and Fulwell 73, the production company of Late Late Show executive producer Ben Winston, to turn the segment into its own series, which will air first exclusively for subscribers to the iPhone maker’s music streaming app.

The host of the series is expected to be announced at a later date, and is not expected to be Corden – although he is set to be the Executive Producer of the series.

‘We love music, and Carpool Karaoke celebrates it in a fun and unique way that is a hit with audiences of all ages,’ Eddy Cue, who oversees internet software and services including Apple Music for the tech giant, told Hollywood Reporter.

‘It’s a perfect fit for Apple Music – bringing subscribers exclusive access to their favorite artists and celebrities who come along for the ride.’

‘We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Apple Music on this exciting new series of Carpool Karaoke,’ said Winston.

‘The joy of Carpool is both the intimacy it creates, while seeing the love our passengers have for music. Where better to showcase that than with Apple Music?’


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