Wife Confronts Husband Who Killed Her 4 Children In Court

50-Year-Old Michigan Man Has Been Sentenced To 47 Years In Prison After Murdering His Two Children And Two Step-Children And Slashing His Wife’s Face And Leaving Her Alive To Watch Her Children Die.

An ex-convict who asphyxiated his two children with carbon monoxide and fatally shot his two stepchildren in their Michigan home was sentenced to at least 47 years in prison on Wednesday for an attack that also nearly killed his wife.

‘You are a con artist, you are a monster,’ Faith Green said to her husband Gregory GreenĀ in court, with a scar visible from her ear to chin.

‘Your justice will come when you burn in hell for eternity,’ she added.

Wayne County Judge Dana Hathaway said she would reluctantly accept a plea deal negotiated by prosecutors and Gregory Green’s lawyer.

Faith Green wanted a no-parole sentence, but the judge noted that her husband would have to live to age 97 before he gets his first opportunity at release for second-degree murder.

‘I’m convinced you’ll be incarcerated for the remainder of your life,’ Hathaway told fifty-year-old Green.

Police said the father called 911 last September to report the deaths of his children, Kaleigh Green, four, Koi Green, five, and stepchildren, Kara Allen, 17, and Chadney J Allen, 19, at his Dearborn Heights home.

His two step-children were found dead and bound in the basement after being shot execution style, and his daughters were found dead in their beds after they were asphyxiated by carbon monoxide fumes in a car.

Green had a hose hooked to the exhaust that was routed into the vehicle to kill his two girls.


    • I am not sorry for the wife. She helped murder these kids by bringing in a murderer in her home. I pray her choices bring her much pain. These kids are dead because she was so desperate to have a con man like him. I actually feel as though she should be charged also. What kind of mother brings garbage in her home? She could have seen him outside of her home. I pray she has many sleepless nights and if I run across her I will definitely stomp on her hurt foot!!

    • This woman was an idiot to marry this guy. He was just released from prison for killing his first wife!! What!!!!

  • I’m sorry but she is an idiot and her daughter’s death is her fault bc she knew what type of man he was and never should have married him or had children with him! I will never understand how women can be so blind and will get with men with such violent histories!

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