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Widow Of Congress Baseball Practice Shooter Speaks Out

The widow of gunman James Hodgkinson today described his attack as ‘horrible, horrible.’

Suzanne Hodgkinson, speaking for the first time, said her husband had told her he was going to Washington to lobby ‘to change the tax laws.’

She would not discuss her husband’s politics affiliations, but stressed she had no idea that he had weapons with him.

The FBI do not suspect her of any involvement in yesterday’s shootings and have treated her as an important witness to the background to the attack in Virginia.

She and her husband broke up shortly after he was spoken to by police for discharging his rifle in their back yard.

Mrs Hodgkinson said the separation came after their foster daughter and her daughter moved into their two-story home which is surrounded by sprawling countryside.

St. Clair Chief Deputy Sheriff Richard Wagner told that she was in tears and her life had been turned upside down.

He was with her when she returned home having spent 24 hours helping the FBI.

Wagner added: ‘She had no idea where he was staying and hadn’t heard much from him.

‘In my 30 years of police work I have seen couples separate and hardly speak to each other and give any indication of where they are going or what they are doing.

‘She would never have guessed that he would ever hurt anybody.

‘She was shocked when she got a call yesterday that her husband had did this in Washington. She is devastated.’

Asked by if she had ever witnessed a violent side to him, he said: ‘No. never, never and that’s what she said.’

He said she had stressed her husband had shown no signs of mental illness or any other problems.’

He said he told his wife he was in Washington to get the tax laws brackets changed.

By Shekhar Bhatia In Belleville, Illinois, For

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