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Who Knew? Sleeping In On The Weekends Helps You Live Longer

As if we needed another reason to turn off our alarm clocks on Saturday morning. It seems sleeping in on the weekend increases your mortality rate, especially if you’re not getting enough rest during the week, according to a new study.

Familiar with the phrase, “I’m just gonna sleep until my eyes pop open?” That’s not a bad idea after hearing about this study published in the Journal of Sleep Research. The co-author the study, the Swedish scientist, Torbjorn  Akerstedt, discovered that people who slept five hours or less on the weekends had a higher mortality rate compared to those who got seven hours of sleep.

But here’s the kicker- the study found those who slept too much – eight hours or more at night-also had a high mortality rate. And the popular belief f catching up on lost sleep during the week, is just that a belief. However, research in that debate is still subjective.  The death rate for people who slept less than five hours was 65%, people who snoozed more than hours a night had a 25% mortality rate.

“I think people like the idea that you can compensate for lost sleep,” Åkerstedt told CNN. “Perhaps it’s giving them hope that this habit is in some way good for them.”