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White Woman Leaves Racist Note Targeting Black Child — Says She Relieved Some Anger

A White Woman Says She Was Releasing Anger When She Sent Racist Note To Her Neighbor

By: Eboni Walker

A 63-year old woman has been arrested after harassing her next door neighbors.

According to Kokomo Tribune, Deborah Cantwell was arrested for harassing a family new to the neighborhood and leaving a racist note, targeting their child.

Cantwell was booked at the Howard County Jail and charged with misdemeanor counts of intimidation and criminal mischief. She was also placed under a protection order that prohibits her from contacting the family.

Photo: Public Records

Cantwell traumatized the family in the small community of Greentown.

The incident started at 1:13 a.m. Oct 13, when the husband of the home contacted the police station regarding their home being vandalized. He reported that the house had been toilet-papered and a racist letter was left on the door. He said he’d stopped by the house around midnight on his way home from work when he saw the disturbing act.