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White Supremacist Federally Charged With Terror Plot After Stopping Amtrak Train Heavily Armed

A Missouri man who illegally stopped an Amtrak train while armed with weapons last fall has now been charged by federal authorities with charges related to terrorism.

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A Missouri man who was criminally accused last fall of stopping an Amtrak train in Nebraska while armed with a gun has had his charges federally upgraded to a terrorism case.

Earlier this week, previously sealed court documents related to this case were made public after the FBI charged Taylor Michael Wilson, 26, with multiple felony counts related to terrorist activity. Wilson has also been found to have strong ties to violent white supremacist groups, such as the Neo-Nazis.

The FBI’s documentation also claims to prove that Wilson was a direct participant in the deadly and racially-charged protest melee, which unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia last year. A “Unite the Right” hate rally was organized by a number of white supremacist groups and counterprotesters ended up dead when the smoke cleared.

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