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White Model Who “Became Black” With Injections Says She Is Trying To Create A “Unique & Exotic Barbie”

A blonde ex-air hostess with the biggest breasts in Europe has apparently found a new calling as a Baywatch lifeguard.

Martina Big, 28, who hails from from Germany was seen looking out over the seas at a lifeguard tower in Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.

Her massive UK 32S breasts which she achieved after spending more than $65,000 on plastic surgery, have even overshadowed Pamela Anderson’s famous cleavage.

See Video Below.

And the former blonde beauty has also decided to become black by undergoing radical melanin boosting injections and regularly using her own powerful 50-tube sunbed.

But she insists she’s ‘not pretending to be a black girl’, but rather seeking to create a ‘unique and exotic Barbie’.

Martina said: ‘As a child I admired Pamela Anderson in the TV series Baywatch.

‘Most people think the Baywatch girls are blonde and pale-skinned.

‘I think the comparative photos show that I’m now, as a black woman, also a very beautiful Baywatch girl.’

Thanks to a new medical procedure in the US, the naturally light-skinned and blonde ex-flight attendant from the German Eifel region became black.

And her longtime boyfriend Michael, an ex-pilot, is now taking the injections to become black.

Martina said: ‘Among other things, we got three syringes in the belly. I became much darker from the first week, with Michael the effect began later.’

Germany’s most infamous glamour model started her body transformation by increasing her cup size step by step.

But somehow it was clearly not enough for her as she bizarrely decided to become black, vowing to get ‘ darker and darker and see what the limits are’.

Describing herself now as ‘a black photo model’, Martina is currently making a new portfolio of pictures to use.

She’s also met with an African hairdresser to get a hair extension for a ‘curly, African hair’ to ‘become more and more a black woman’.

Martina said: ‘That is such a wonderful feeling. I’m so happy.’

The German glamour model said she will soon have consultations for a bottom enlargement which would even outdo Kim Kardashian’s famous behind.

On her US tour, Martina surprised shocked Americans by posing in front of the iconic Hollywood sign.

Martina pointed out that ‘last time I visited this with blonde hair and white skin’.

Martina added: ‘And now I’m a black woman with African hair.’


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