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White House Changes Story As They Face Deadline To Provide Wiretapping Proof

Senior White House Officials Are Now Saying That Trump Said Wiretapping But He Meant  “Surveillance Broadly” When He Accused Obama Of Monitoring His Calls.

President Donald Trump intended the term ‘wiretapping to mean surveillance broadly’ when he accused Barack Obama of spying on his calls, the White House says.

Press secretary Sean Spicer claimed in his Monday briefing the president was referring to ‘a whole host of surveillance types’ when he made his charge against the previous president.

Trump said in one of the messages that Obama ‘was tapping my phone.’ Yet Spicer told reporters this afternoon that call monitoring isn’t necessarily what the president meant.

‘I think there’s a whole host of things that fall into that category,’ he stated.


The senior White House official wouldn’t specify what type of surveillance the president was referencing if not the act of wiretapping, which is by definition the monitoring of one’s calls or Internet conversations.

He suggested ask a law enforcement authority for a list of additional options.

‘I’m not sure how you took it, but I think there is a wide range of ways in which somebody can be monitored or followed up on,’ he said.

Kellyanne Conway seemed to suggest in an interview over the weekend that the Obama administration may have been spying on Trump Tower through microwaves, cameras and TV sets.

She said in a tweet this morning that her comment ‘was about surveillance articles in news & techniques generally, not about campaign.’

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  • My, my, what outright lies. Trump will never admit that he was wrong. Just more lies, he is a master of lies. Not making a very good impression in other countries. Get on with making America great again as you have promised.

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