Where’s Your Woman, Michael Baisden?

Where’s Your Woman, Michael Baisden?

Michael, you sure do profess to knowing a lot about what women want but where is your woman? I’ve never seen one picture of you and your woman. What’s up with that? lol ~ Carolyn Murphy

Carol, I can’t believe you put me on blast on my own page. Don’t make me go South Side Of Chicago on you. lol But that’s cool, I have nothing to hide. But let me get this right, are you saying that if someone isn’t currently in a relationship or parading his or her partner in the public eye that he or she can’t give good advice? Now, that’s some fragernackle bull!

I have been in many relationships and 90% of them ended with my partner and I still being friends. Yes, I’ve been married, over 15 years ago, and it ended in an amicable divorce, we actually dated for a year after we separated. And I was happy for her when she moved on and remarried, that’s how it should be if you truly love someone. I’ve raised a young woman who is about to turn 25, and I’ve mentored a number of young men, including one that I lived with and I’m proud of the impact I had on his life.

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