[WATCH] Terrifying Moment The Floor COLLAPSED At A Student House Party

Shocking moment partygoers at a Texas university student’s packed apartment are injured as the floor COLLAPSES under their weight

A house party held at a student apartment complex in Texas was quite literally ground-breaking early Sunday morning.

Video of a University of North Texas homecoming ‘kickback’ shows packed rowdily jumping in the living room of the Denton, Texas apartment at 1.45am on Sunday. A kickback is supposed to be a small gathering of friends.

And while dancing rapper Playboi Carti’s What, the floor gives way and drops dozens of screaming people to the second floor.



The party goers then try to create a human support chain and make their way out of the second floor apartment.

‘Apparently, a UNT homecoming kickback at The Ridge in Denton got so packed and hyped, the floor broke and the students fell from the 3rd floor apartment to the floor(s) below,’ said one person who posted videos of the incident on Facebook.

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