[WATCH] Bodycam Footage Show Officer Planting Cocaine In Suspect’s Wallet During Arrest

Shocking bodycam video ‘shows officers plant cocaine in a black suspect’s wallet during an arrest’

show the cop planting cocaine on a black suspect during an arrest.

The video was taken during an arrest in April when officers stopped 52-year-old Ronald Shields, who they suspected had been involved in a hit-and-run crash.

It was first obtained and posted online by CBS-LA, prompting the LAPD to announce they had launched an internal investigation into the officer on Friday.

This is the first time LAPD bodycam video has ever been made public.

In the police report the officers claimed they found the drugs in the front left pocket of Shields’ shirt, but the video doesn’t confirm that story.

The footage appears to show a cop only identified as Officer Gaxiola standing beside Shields, who had been put in handcuffs, as another officer, Samuel Lee, bends down and picks up a small baggie filled with white powder from the ground.

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