[WATCH] 8-Year-Old Boxer Gains Thousands Of Fans After This Video Went Viral

‘Baby girl got that heat!’ Eight-year-old aspiring BOXER gains thousands of fans online for showing off her incredible skills in the ring

Tough girl: Miss Babybug, a boxing champ-in-the-making from San Francisco, has gained thousands of fans for her amazing boxing skills

An eight-year-old girl is likely the last person you would expect to become a star in the sport of boxing.

But that’s exactly the case for Miss Babybug, a boxing champ-in-the-making from San Francisco.

The youngster has build up an impressive social media following of more than 14,000 for her impressive workout videos online.

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Hitting the ring: The little girl regularly posts videos on Instagram showing her workouts

The little girl regularly puts in hours at the gym, sparring with men several times her size as she bobs, weaves and throws powerful punches left and right.

Some of her Instagram videos see her putting herself through grueling workouts with jump-rope, running and even being repeatedly hit with a large rubber ball to help build up her tolerance to the beatings she’ll receive in the ring.

The 58-pound athlete began gaining whole new levels of attention after her coach, Jairo Escobar, shared a video of Babybug doing some mitt work.

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