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Wanda Durant On Her Son Kevin’s NBA Win: “I Felt Fulfilled As A Mom”

After Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant helped his team clinch the NBA championship, his mother, Wanda Durant, celebrated alongside the team in what truly was a lifelong dream come true.

“I felt fulfilled as a mom,” Durant said Monday on ABC News’ Good Morning America about the winning moment. “When he gave the speech and he talked about me in the speech … I felt like he got, he understood why I was the type of mother that I was — sometimes a little psychotic. But at that moment I felt like I was fulfilled as a parent because it was like all that hard work really paid off.”

Durant, a single mother, said she did her best to stay engaged as a parent and demand the best from her two sons.

“On the court I was very demanding in practice and workouts. The coach would say ‘Kevin do 25 push-ups,’ and I would come in with my flippin attitude and say ‘do 250,'” Durant said. “I just taught him how to go beyond what was required and dig deeper.”

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