[VIDEO] Woman Jumps From Vehicle To Escape Fake Uber Driver

Man kidnaps and robs woman after posing as an Uber driver

By: Eboni Walker

A woman suffers from fractured bones, a head injury and a broken ankle while escaping from her fraudulent Uber driver.

The traumatic experience for Elizabeth Suarez happened one night in Mid-July when she was visiting a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, with a childhood friend. When it was time to leave, Suarez booked an Uber to take her home.

Elizabeth Saurez
Photo: Video Image

“So, I get the notification from my phone saying that the Uber is arriving soon, so I head out to the valet,” Suarez said. Seeing a car that matched the description of the car on the app, Suarez was attracted to the car. “He gestures over to me. I open the car door and say, ‘Hi, are you here for Liz?’ and he says ‘Yeah, get in,’” Suarez explained.