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[VIDEO] Woman Is Caught On A Plane Filing Her Man’s Toes While He Slept

Being on a flight full of strangers can lead to lots of strange experiences. One couple captured a passenger giving a pedicure to her seatmate, who was a man!

By Alexia McKay

Lynee and Jake Ruiz were on a flight from Denver to Milwaukee when they spotted a woman sitting nearby giving a pedicure to the man she was traveling with. The man was sleeping on the window side as she filed his toes.

“Oh my God,” Lynee Ruiz, who filmed the scene, says during the video. The woman didn’t seem to notice she was being filmed, even after Lynee was heard giggling in the background towards the end of the 10-second video. Lynee posted the video on her social media, and it garnered the attention of the Passenger Shaming account on Instagram where it has received over 188k views since Dec. 18th.

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Lynee told Inside Edition that her husband Jake kept saying,’ Oh my God, oh my God, you will not believe it! Look at them! Look at them!”

“At first we were frustrated,” Jake told Inside Edition. “We were like, man, this is gonna be a long flight, and then we just made light of it and started enjoying the show.”

The couple says other passengers kept looking around and felt uncomfortable.  Most of the reactions on social media were disgust and slight humor.

“This is disgusting. Why did no one object? Should have been called out,” one person commented.

Another wrote, “This is why airplanes need ejection seats…”

And another commented, “Good thing the lady next to her is sleeping. If I was next to her, I would have said something. That’s disgusting.”

But the pedicure wasn’t the only bizarre behavior displayed by this couple. The Ruizes also added they brought burritos on bound that stunk up the plane.

“She was feeding him his burrito, airplane-style, so she was like, brrrr,” Lynee says.

This is not the first time a little foot action has been caught midair. Back in October, a woman was called out for scrubbing her feet with a foot file. That video was also shared on the Instagram page for Passenger Shaming with over 191k views.

” I feel so bad for the person sitting next to her,” one blogger wrote on their post about it. “Also – she was even resting her foot on the seat back in front of her. Like, where the tray is (I know those are already filthy, but this just drives the point home). I wonder what fell into that pocket that’s on the seat, too.”

The following month another passenger captured video of someone picking at the dead skin on the bottom of their foot.

Photo Credit: 123rtf

Air travel is the most popular method for distance traveling, and it seems the more people fly, the nastier trips can be. Bad behavior on planes is sadly about as common as the crackers and room-temperature soda you’re given when you first take flight. If you don’t understand how some of your actions can be inappropriate while on a flight,  Psychology Today bluntly phrased in 2013 article titled, “Bad Behavior On Airplanes.”

“The airplane is not an extension of your home,” the author wrote.  “You’re with 200 strangers. When the captain says “Relax and enjoy the flight,” this does not give you permission to start snipping away at an ingrown toenail, apply your make up or use a mirror to pick the dandruff out of your hair.”

The author added,” Would you pop a zit while sandwiched between two strangers? Would you use a refresh towelette at your seat to clean your underarms? Or would you brush your teeth and spit the remnants into the glass you just drank a soda from?”

The answer to those questions should be NO! Just like there’s etiquette at a dinner table, there’s also manners when flying. Let’s do better people and be mindful or ourselves and others around us.


By Alexia McKay

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