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[VIDEO] Woman Claims Her Hair Turned ‘Naturally African’ After Tanning Injections 😶

Lady claims hair tuned ‘naturally African’ after tanning injections

Martina Big claimed her hair turned ‘naturally Afro’ after she underwent radical tanning injections. The blonde german glamour model decided to become black and also spent more than £50,000 on plastic surgery for…

A blonde ex-air hostess with 70S breasts who identifies as a black woman after undergoing radical tanning injections has claimed that her hair structure has turned ‘naturally African’.

German glamour model Martina Big, 29, spent more than £50,000 on plastic surgery for her 70S cup size (UK 32S) breasts, said to be the biggest in Europe.

Yet those body enhancements were not enough for Martina and made the controversial choice to ‘become black’, vowing to get ‘darker and darker and see what the limits are.’

Thanks to a new medical procedure in the US, the naturally light-skinned and blonde ex-flight attendant from the German Eifel region was able to darken her skin tone with three melanin boosting injections last year.

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