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[VIDEO] Woman Beats Up Exercise Equipment At A Gym She Doesn’t Even Belong To

It wasn’t a good day at the gym for one woman in Canada.

Going to the gym can be a struggle and it isn’t for everybody. We get it.  But that doesn’t mean you have to carry out your anger and frustration on the equipment! Unfortunately, that is exactly what one woman did in Canada. A fellow gym goer caught the 38 year-old at a GoodLife Fitness in Toronto banging on the equipment, including smashing the screen and console of a treadmill with a dumbbell.

The video was posted on Instagram last week by Toronto musician, Troy Joe, and has since gone viral.

And get this, the woman was not even a member of that facility!

Scroll down for video: 

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The incident happened on June 3. According to Global News, the woman was arrested and charged with $5,000 in mischief.  Fortunately, there were no injuries.