[VIDEO] Woman Assaults McDonald’s Manager Over McNuggets

Women mad over missing McNuggets climb in drive-thru window, assault manager at Indy McDonalds

Police say two women ended up climbing through the drive-thru window at an Indianapolis McDonald’s and then proceeded to assault an employee after they claimed not to get enough chicken McNuggets.


Officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were called to the McDonald’s just after 3 a.m. on Friday morning.

The manager said they had placed an order for an order of four pieces but the women argued that they had asked for 10 and showed staff members their receipt.

He printed out a receipt to show the pair that they had only asked for four and told them that they would have to drive around once again if they wanted to place a new order.

According to RTV6 the manager told the women to ‘have a nice day’ before turning his back on them to fulfill other customer orders.

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