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[VIDEO] White Woman Calls 911 On Black Man For Babysitting White Children

Babysitting while Black is now against the law — Man has to explain to police why white children were with him

By: Eboni Walker

Imagine running errands around town with two kids that you are babysitting…out of nowhere a woman addresses you and ask if “everything’s okay?” The woman then proceeds to follow you for an entire hour around town before calling the police.

Well, this happened to one black man who was babysitting two white kids.

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Corey Lewis was racially profiled by a white woman who followed and harassed him because she said that “something wasn’t right” about Lewis having the kids in his custody.

Lewis said that he first noticed the woman staring at him in a Way-Mart parking lot after taking the kids to the subway. Lewis said that the woman then drove up alongside his car and asked if the kids were ok.