[VIDEO] Wendy’s Customer Stops An Armed Robber By Smashing A Chair Over His Head

Moment heroic Wendy’s customer stops a robber armed with a knife by smashing a wooden chair over his head on Christmas Day

A Wendy’s robbery on Christmas Day was thwarted by a customer who smashed a chair over the wannabe thief’s head.

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A man thwarted an armed robbery at a California Wendy's by hitting the would-be robber on the back of the head with a wooden chair on Christmas Day


The near-robbery took place at a Wendy’s in Yuba City, California at around 5.30pm on December 25, when a man entered the fast food joint with a pillowcase over his head.

The man was armed with a kitchen knife and threatened the cashier, according to authorities.

To stop the robbery, one of the customers picked up a wooden chair and, approaching the robber from behind, smashed it over the back of his head – a scene that was captured by the restaurant’s surveillance cameras.

According to police, the would be robber was temporarily stunned by the hit, but managed to stand up and run outside, getting into a white sedan driven by a getaway driver.

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