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[VIDEO] Waitress Fired After Appearing In ‘N**ger Hunting’ Video Claims She’s Not Racist

Twenty year-old Tabitha Duncan appeared in a Snapchat video saying, “you get them n**gers”. But she claims she is not a racist and blames the alcohol for her actions. OK Tabitha.

Familiar with the term, a drunk man tells no tales? Well in this case, its a woman, a white woman. In the video, Duncan ( whom you can now find as the trending  hashtag #TabbieDuncan  on Twitter) is  seen on the back of a pickup truck on a dark country road, egging her friends while they supposedly go “n**ger hunting.”

One man off camera can be heard saying, ” So we’re going n****r hunting today or what?”

“We’re going n****r today”, another man responds.

The camera then goes back to Duncan who says, “”You get them n****rs.”

Since the racist video went viral, the St. Louis, Missouri waitress has been fired from her job. But Duncan tells New York Daily News and says she is not a racist and that she was intoxicated. Repeat. Duncan says that she is not a racist and that she was intoxicated.