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[VIDEO] Update: Tisha Campbell Divorce Saga Gets Thick; She’s Demanding Full Custody, Wants Duane Martin To Pay Up

New details have emerged in the Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin divorce story; court documents related to the case have been exposed.

Photo credits: Getty Images

Previously, on the Michael Baisden Show, we reported that Tisha Campbell (pictured left) was divorcing her husband Duane Martin (pictured right).

A representative of Campbell’s released a statement of hers a few days ago, which confirmed that she was indeed leaving Martin. However, at the time of the February 22 statement, it was not immediately clear why the divorce was happening or what the legal stipulations of the case entailed.

But the Wonderwall celebrity news column published an article on February 23, which exposed some previously unknown details regarding the Campbell-Martin divorce saga. Court documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court show that the two have been legally separated since December of 2016, which was a while ago.

Not only that, Campbell is seeking legal and physical custody of the estranged couple’s two children. At the time, Martin is not currently involved in any television or film projects that are earning him any money.