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[VIDEO] Two Dirty Baltimore Cops Found Guilty Of A String Of Federal Crimes

Jurors finally reached a verdict at the close of a federal corruption trial involving two disgraced law enforcement members who formerly operated an elite crime-fighting unit of the Baltimore Police Department.

Photo credits: The Baltimore Sun Newspaper

In a criminal case, which we’ve been following closely here at the Michael Baisden Show, the community residents of Baltimore, Maryland have received the justice they deserve.

According to the PBS News Hour, Daniel Hersl (pictured left) and Marcus Taylor (pictured right) were both found guilty of a laundry list of federal charges after they went on trial for a whole host of police corruption activities. Hersl and Taylor are former Baltimore police detectives who worked on the city’s Gun Trace Task Force.

The disgraced cops are just two of the eight total officers inside the Gun Trace Task Force who were nabbed in a federal probe, which revealed that this so-called “elite crime-fighting unit” was majorly involved in aggravated robberies, extortion, falsifying documentation, aggravated assaults, and other forms of violent intimidation.