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[VIDEO] Train Passenger Sets Himself On Fire During Police Arrest

Train passenger, 28, sets himself and a carriage on fire after dousing himself in paint thinner as police try to arrest him for getting into fight with CTA worker

Surveillance footage of a passenger lighting a fire inside a Chicago train carriage as he was being arrested was released by police on Saturday.

The incident occurred aboard a Red Line train on Jan. 18 at about 5.20pm near the Argyle Avenue station in Rogers Park, according to The Chicago Tribune. 

The clip shows David M. Ferguson holding an unidentified object in his hand while seated at the back of the car.


Ferguson (below) is then shown talking aggressively with a person who appears to be an employee of the Chicago Transit Authority.

As the CTA employee holds the train’s door open, Furgeson suddenly stands, walks towards him and the two begin fighting, with the city worker throwing the first kick.