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[VIDEO] “There’s Got To Be Something Better”: Wendy Williams Raises Awareness About Opioid Addiction Through Her Family Foundation

Wendy Williams is the ‘Queen of Tea’ when it comes to celebrity gossip, but behind the cameras, the talk show host and radio personality is passionate about finding solutions on another topic.

By Alexia McKay

In an interview with BOLD TV, the talk show queen expressed her passion to save opioid addicts. In 2014, she started The Hunters Foundation with her husband and son.

The Hunters Foundation provides “grants for drug education, prevention, and rehabilitation programs” for children and families suffering from substance abuse and drug addiction.

“You can’t give another drug to somebody who is already an addict. It just makes them stuck on stupid and addicted. There’s got to be something better,” she told BOLD TV. The talk show queen hosted a fundraiser for her foundation at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan last month.  “It ain’t right out here in these streets, it ain’t.”

Watch the full interview here: