[VIDEO] But Why?!: Teens Eat Laundry Detergent As Part Of Dangerous ‘Tide Pod Challenge’

Is this the most stupid social media craze yet? Now teenagers are eating DETERGENT and posting videos online as part of dangerous ‘Tide Pod Challenge’


A potentially fatal online challenge has led teenagers to chew and even swallow laundry detergent pods.

Doctors are warning people not to participate in the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ – where teenagers film themselves chewing and gagging on colorful detergent pods and then daring others to participate.

The pods contain ethanol, polymers and hydrogen peroxide and are extremely toxic. They can make people incredibly sick if consumed.


‘A lot of people were just saying how stupid I was or how – why would I be willing to do that,’ Marc Pagan, 19, said to CBS News after he did the challenge on a dare.


In 2017, College Humor posted a satirical video titled Don’t Eat Laundry Pods showing a college student tempted to eat the pods because they look inviting and delicious. After researching how bad they are for you, the man then eats a whole bowl.

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