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[VIDEO] Social Media Goes Into A Frenzy After Flying Pastor Gives Sermon Above Crowd

A Pastor Takes Flight During His Sermon — Why? Nobody Knows

By: Eboni Walker & Brianna Wigfall

Imagine being in church listening to your preacher’s sermon and all of a sudden he begins to fly.

It’s not because Jesus gave him wings. But, because he has strings hooked to his suit which lifts him above the crowd.

The Mississippi pastor received way more attention than from those inside of his congregation. On Sunday, pastor Bartholomew Orr began some excitement during his sermon when he sky-rocketed from the ground to get his message across.

Carrying a microphone to deliver his message, Orr said:

“Jesus Christ is on his way back … that day is going to come when that sky is cracked, and Jesus Christ comes again, and every eye will see him when he come again. So here’s our question for you this morning, brothers and sisters, the simple question is this right here. Are you ready? Are you ready for his return? Amen!”

The video of Orr preaching quickly spread on social media and YouTube.

Many of those in the audience laughed and recorded videos as he dangled in the air.

The Kansas City reports the pastor hung approximately 10 feet above the ground.

The video can be viewed below

Orr has now been deemed the “Flying Preacher” since the videos have gone viral. The Brown Ministries has more than 10,000 members since 1989 and Orr has been the senior pastor since then. According to the Huffington Post, Brown ministries is a historically black protestant congregation located on the Tennessee-Mississippi border and were founded in 1882.