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[VIDEO] Single Dad Who Walked 11 Miles To Work Surprised With Car By Coworkers

Emotional moment UPS employees present their co-worker, 21, with a car after finding out new father was walking 11 MILES every day for his 4am shift

A group of UPS employees banded together to buy a car for their coworker after they found out he was walking 11 miles a day for work.

In order to provide for his daughter, Trenton Lewis had no choice but to take the more than three hour journey in the middle of the night.

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Trenton Lewis

The 21-year-old would start walking from his home in downtown Little Rock just before midnight so that he could be on time for his 4am shift at UPS.

‘It will probably take me two-and-a-half or three hours,’ Lewis, who has never missed a shift in the seven months he’s been there and never been late to work, told KATV.

He would leave his house on Ringo and walk down Roosevelt Road to get to the UPS center. That’s about five-and-a-half miles away. He would then take this journey back home after his shift was over.