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[VIDEO] Seal Says His Post Wasn’t An Attack On Oprah, Tells Stacey Dash She ‘Lives In The Sunken Place’

Seal Says His Instagram Post Was Not An Attack On Oprah; Tells Stacey Dash To Keep His Name Out Of Her Mouth


Earlier this week, after Oprah Winfrey’s powerful Golden Globe speech, Seal took to Instagram to call her out and all of hypocritical Hollywood. At least that’s what everyone thought after seeing this post:

The singer Seal posted this meme with a pointed caption lashing out at Oprah Wednesday 



But Seal cleared the air to let everyone know he was not attacking Oprah, but Hollywood as a whole. Seal also responded to Stacey Dash after the actress and Fox News commentator tweeted an article about Seal’s post. The singer told Dash “keep my name out of your mouth”:

Dash’s tweet:

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