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[VIDEO] Pull Out The Strap! High School Student Punches Teacher In The Face And Tells Her Not To Get Smart

A high school student is captured on video assaulting a Baltimore High School teacher.

In the 14-second video, the student is shown exchanging words between her teacher at Frederick Douglass High School on Wednesday before punching her in the face.

During the verbal exchange, the student yells, ” Don’t (expletive) get smart with me.”

Yes, the student yelled that at the teacher. When the student hits her, she flinches, responding in a meek voice, “I didn’t get smart with you,” before following the student out of the classroom. The video was posted on social media and has received over 60,000 views.

Watch the full video below:

According to local television station WBAL, the teacher was not seriously injured but she did not return to school the next day, and there’s no word on when she will return. The teacher assaulted in the video is a state science educator and a highly respected elder at a local church. And what makes this video even more tragic is that the teacher had just returned to work from cancer surgery.

The student has not faced any disciplinary action or suspension.  School officials are investigating the incident.  Baltimore city school officials released the following statement, condemning the incident:

“Baltimore City Public Schools leaders are working closely with the Frederick Douglass High School leadership team to support students and staff following Wednesday’s altercation between a teacher and student. Our focus is on ensuring a safe teaching and learning environment for students and staff. We understand that an incident like this one can be difficult to process. School counselors and social workers will be available at the school for students and staff to address any questions and concerns they may have. District leaders have also reached out to the teacher to provide any additional support that may be needed.”

Photo Credit: Twitter

“Of course, I was very angry when I saw that because we’ve asked that there be some kind of support for our teachers, and something needs to happen,” Marietta English, the president of Baltimore Teachers Union told WBAL.

Residents in the neighborhood have been talking about the incident and are disturbed by it.

“I think the children out here are losing lack of consideration and love,” Jamal Talib told WBAL.  “They’re not being taught a conscious of how to treat others how they want to be treated.”

Others on social media have been reacting to the video as well and are also demanding that disciplinary actions be made.



Respect is an element that seems to be lost in today’s school system. And today’s teacher not only face the threat of mass shootings (Sandy Hook and Parkland) but violence from their own students as well. We pray for this teacher and this school system and hope appropriate actions will be taken. 

But there are times when teachers can flip the script. And like any other human being, they all have their breaking points.   Another video recently went viral of a black teacher beating up a student bully in California. Marston Riley, 64, was a music and band director at Maywood Academy High School in Maywood, California.


Last week, he became the target of verbal and physical by a student.  Riley called for assistance and ordered the student to leave, but he reached his limit and fought back. Riley faces charges of suspicion of child abuse and causing great bodily injury on a child. The student who attacked him, unpunished. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help raise money for his legal fees. 

Sourc: YouTube | Donka DooBall

By Alexia McKay
Twitter: @alexiamckayprod