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[VIDEO] President Obama Spoke To David Letterman On The Divisive Nature Of Social Media In Great Interview

Social media helped Barack Obama get elected. However, in a compelling interview with David Letterman, the 44th U.S president talked about how social media is dividing the nation.

Photo credits: Netflix

When Barack Obama (pictured left), the 44th President of the United States recently appeared on David Letterman’s (pictured right) Netflix-distributed talk show series, he discussed the social fabric of America and its current state.

The name of Letterman’s new series is My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. The former late-night television titan candidly brought the title of this series to life by delivering a leisurely executed interview of Obama. Being on Netflix provides a platform that is more loose and free without the politics that can come with primetime television.

Letterman asked Obama about his family pedigree, his take on the Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential election, and other poignant societal issues. There was also time for a few jokes about each man’s job history. You and I recently left long-term jobs,” Letterman said. “I was not fired, though,” Obama playfully quipped.

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