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[VIDEO] Piers Morgan Insists Omarosa Said She’d Have Sex With Him If He Secured Her Win On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

The British news talk show host has caused shockwaves by accusing Omarosa of offering him sex in exchange for making sure she won ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’

Photo credits: Getty Images

Piers Morgan (pictured left) is a controversial and bombastic television journalist who is also known for his explosive and salacious writings for newspaper publications, such as his home country of Britain’s Daily Mail.

Morgan, 52, wrote a recently published column for the Daily Mailwhich has stirred up a ton of controversy. This newly crafted dossier of dirt written by Morgan targets Omarosa Manigault Newman (pictured right). Omarosa, 43, is back on the reality television scene that made her a household name.

The former Donald Trump ally and White House advisor blew up back when Trump hosted a reality show called ‘The Apprentice.’ She later took her heartless villain personality to another version of this show called ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’