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[VIDEO] Off-Duty Cop Tackles & Handcuffs Black Woman Who Recorded Him Harassing A Group Of Teens

Off-duty, smoking white cop tackles and handcuffs a black woman after she recorded him ‘harassing’ a group of teens and calling them ‘animals’ outside a movie theater


An off-duty cop forcibly arrested a black woman at a Pennsylvania movie theater because she was filming him mistreat a group of teenage girls.

Video filmed by Melanie Carter at the North Versaille Stadium 18 movie theater shows confrontation between the manager and three girls on February 23.

Accusing the girls of causing ruckus inside the theater, the manager – named Jason -even claims that he has ‘witnesses.’



‘You guys have been a problem since you got here,’ an off-duty officer with North Versailles police department, Christopher Kelly, says of the girls.

Kelly had just so happened to ask Carter (below) for a light for his cigarette, but was now demanding everyone to leave.