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[VIDEO] The Obamas Unveil Designs For Obama Presidential Center, But Faculty Express Concerns

Barack Obama talks about plans for Obama Presidential Center

Former president Barack Obama talks about his foundation’s plans for the Obama Presidential Center, a ‘campus for active citizenship’ in South Side, Chicago.

While many are excited about development, there have been a few people opposing the construction.

A slew of professors at the University of Chicago have signed a letter detailing their concerns regarding the plans for the upcoming Obama Presidential Center.

The grand campus will be constructed in the historic Jackson Park on the South Side and have an overall purpose of building ‘active citizenship,’ Barack Obamaexplained about the plan for the exciting project in a video response Tuesday.

In a lengthy public letter (see below) shared by the faculty, members expressed worry over the ‘socially regressive’ project they said, as planned, ‘may not provide the promised development or economic benefits to the neighborhoods.’

The signers included four main points in the letter – first, laying out reasons why the center may not benefit the city’s overall economic development.

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