[VIDEO] ‘We Nurture Men and Push Girls To Be Perfect’: Michelle Obama Says Some Men Are Raised To Be Entitled

Michelle Obama says men are ‘entitled and self-righteous’ because women protect them too much

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said men feel they are entitled and women protect them too much.

She told the first Obama Foundation international summit men are raised to be self-righteous while women are brought up to be strong.



‘It’s like the problem in the world today is we love our boys, and we raise our girls,’ Obama said.

‘We raise them to be strong, and sometimes we take care not to hurt men – and I think we pay for that a little bit.

The former First Lady told men 'y'all should get you some friends' to develop a support network in the same way women do

The former First Lady told men ‘y’all should get you some friends’ to develop a support network in the same way women do

‘Are we protecting our men too much so they feel a little entitled and self-righteous sometimes? But, that’s kind of on us too as women and mothers, as we nurture men and push girls to be perfect.’

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