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[VIDEO] Nivea Tells Fans That She Had A Stroke After Her First Pregnancy

Nivea Says She Had A Stroke After Her First Pregnancy And It Was A Very Hard Time In Her Life

By: Eboni Walker

Nivea has been making headlines here recently due to her new album that will be coming out soon.

This week, Nivea sat down for an interview with WPGC 95.5 where she opened up about her previous health issues after the birth of her first child, Navy.

“I had a stroke after I had Navy because I was literally eating salt out of my purse. And I didn’t know about the fluid retention and that you could actually swell your brain, which scrapes your skull, which gives you an actual headache.”

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Nivea said that she started to eat pure salt often because of the nausea she suffered from while being pregnant. “I was so sick though. I was tired of being nauseous and throwing up — and you know salt curves nausea. So, I literally had a salt shaker in my purse. Shaking it in my hand and eating it.”