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[VIDEO] Nene Announces That Her Husband Was Diagnosed With Stage 3 Colon Cancer

Nene Leakes Revealed Her Husband Had Stage Three Colon Cancer

By: Eboni Walker

Nene Leakes revealed on episode 1 of the 11th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that her husband Gregg Leaks was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer.

According to E! Online, the couple announced Gregg’s battle with cancer but never told the exact diagnosis.

On the show, the couple broke down the series of events which lead up to them knowing the truth of Gregg’s heath.

They said he was experiencing heart issues in 2017. The two thought they had fixed the problem. It was until May 5 of this year that Gregg began to experience “excruciating pain.” and he was hospitalized. It was then that the couple learned the news.

“We just weren’t prepared to hear that,” Nene said.

Later in the show, Gregg opened up about his issues and gave more details.

“They cut my colon out, [and] my heart got bigger,” he recalled to his wife, adding that the doctors had removed “most of it.”