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[VIDEO] Nadya Okamoto Creates Powerful PERIOD Movement For Menstruating Homeless

Menstrual Issue Among Homeless Women In America Addressed By Harvard Student


Credit: Ted Talks


As women, we are faced with daily shaming: about our weight, our age, our backsides not being round enough, our breasts not being voluptuous enough, not being sexy enough or being too sexy, not being classy enough or being too siditty, being a stay-at-home mom versus working too much and not being home enough, breastfeeding our children or not breastfeeding at all … the list goes on and on. But what is sometimes overlooked is the shaming that goes on with our natural reproductive systems; the very thing that happens to help create life. You know, the stuff that happens when the “little swimmer” doesn’t meet up with the egg. I’m talking about periods. Well, Nadya Okamoto of Portland, Oregon realized that this is an issue, especially among the homeless community, and she’s made a vow to launch a movement…PERIOD.