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[VIDEO] Mo’Nique Sparks Conversation Among Black Women As They Remember Times They Were Called ‘Difficult’

Gabrielle Union and other women took to Twitter to recall moments when they were called ‘difficult’


Black women are aware they already have two strikes against them, but still Mo’Nique’s recent wave of publicity has caused a divide…even among black women.

Mo’Nique has a reputation of being ‘difficult’ but after her recent media appearance, namely her interview on The View and The Breakfast Club, some women have come to Mo’Nique’s side as they reveal they too have been deemed ‘difficult’ when they are asking for the minimum and what others get without asking.


Ladies, how often, and to what degree, are you called ‘difficult’ at work?



Jada Pinkett Smith came out in support of Mo’Nique and her overall message go gender and wage inequality: